Photo: Tim Skinner in Essex, East

Tim Skinner

Artist, Curator

Your work is very textural' remarked an AV technician in the summer of 2011. This one simple comment was a revelation and sent me on a completely new visual enquiry, questioning the textural possibilities and versatility of the digital video medium. I wanted to question the medium's relationship to painting, exploring both its very materiality and its ability to truly 'represent'. We view computer technology as a very rigid, structured tool far removed from the organic, but through multiple layering and working abstractly I've allowed myself to be free, ignoring constraints, allowing the mediums pure visual form to emerge. Viewing a single video as a mark over time, a merely moving piece of colour, a single brushstroke if you like. After two and half years of extensive visual play and understanding I'm at a point where I have got to grips with the real essence of digital texture. Pixelisation and resolution conflicts are not acting as a distraction but working as one within the piece. Texture has many sides but when it comes to visual texture (one we cannot physically touch) it is through the play of light, dark and colour even more so when dealing with what is a purely light based medium; Rembrandt glimpsed texture, Turner illuminated and Monet beautified. A walk in my local countryside is time I'm able to escape the computer, a chance to reflect on me, people in my life, and the world around; these moments of reflection are echoed within my compositions. Graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Colchester School of Art and Design in 2003, going on to receive Cuckoo Farm Studio's inaugural Graduate Award. Exhibits nationally and internationally, working with institutions such as firstsite, ICA, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Mรธsting Hus (Copenhagen). read full statement

Location Essex, East
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Curating, Exhibitions programme, Project management
Tags Video, sound, texture, video, landscape, sound, movement, texture, new media

News & Events

  • Butterfly Effect

    16/12/2014 – 10/01/2015

    Exhibition Collaboration between Em Milner and Tim Skinner

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  • Butterfly Effect

    Collaborative project to engage SEN children with contemporary art practices with a view to creating a new body of multi-sensory work. Supported by Arts Council England and facilitated by firstsite

  • Power In The Land | Pwer yn y Tir

    Power in the Land is a new initiative in North Wales bringing together a dynamic, diverse and multi-talented group of 10 artists to engage with issues of nuclear energy and the land.

  • I Like This Place and Willing Could Waste My Time In It*

    26/07/2014 – 20/09/2014
    Aberystwyth Arts Centre

    Group exhibition - Showing the very different methods and media artists can use to convey meaning, the exhibition is also an affectionate reflection of some facets of being in a place like Aberystwyth

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