Photo: Tim Shutter in London, South East

Tim Shutter

Artist, Maker

Concepts Two main qualities seem to sum up my sculpture: My commitment to using stone, and my desire to make works that include a sense of fun. This has often been achieved by playing with the expectations of the material. For instance, I have carved hard sandstone coping into rows of soft cushions which could be sat upon whilst waiting for a bus, I have also given a heavy stone bench wings to fly and put a stone sofa on a raft to float. Changes in scale such as the giant granite cake, or the play on context with indoor furniture placed outside, help to give the sculptures their presence and sense of frivolity. Much of my work has been for public sites, so my subject matter is deliberately made accessible to appeal to as many people as possible. They are site specific, tune into local references and they are frequently functional. Influences Architecture, Urban environment, Humour Career path I have been following my interests as they have developed and my career path has fortunately fitted perfectly with this. When I left art college I worked and trained for several years as a stone mason to develop the precision and speed that would eventually allow me to realise my ideas in stone. I then moved back fully into sculpture by working as an assistant to Anish Kapoor and completing an M.A. at Wimbledon School of Art. Over the following years I gradually gained sufficient success with public commissions to work on them full-time. I have also worked as an assistant to Antony Gormley, specifically on the project for the British Library. I have continued to exhibit regularly in outdoor venues. My work has become increasingly ambitious, moving from individual works to more inclusive projects where I might also work on the landscaping, seating and the overall design layout. My work continues to develop based on my sustained interest in working in stone and in exploiting its sculptural potential. read full statement

Location London, South East
Activities Residencies, Built environment, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Public Art, Sculpture
Tags Stone Sculptor, Stone Carver, Animal Sculptures, Public Artist, Site specific sculpture, Stone seats, Stonemason, Stone bench, Architectural carving.