Concepts Since leaving college I have constantly returned to the themes of landscape, colour and light in my work; figures, words and realism have subsided to give way to semi-abstracted images. Most of my current paintings remain a response to places, sights and journeys that because of form, colour or the way they might be naturally framed, become special. Conceptually colour is very important to my work. Sometimes it is used to represent what is actually seen but, more often, it is there to express the emotional content of the place or experience. Subject-wise the paintings become about side views, glimpses of colour on motorways, naturally framed journeys down lanes enveloped in trees, places that leave a memory - the view out from a dark car park onto a hillside blazing with light, when you are waiting for your family to return. Recent engaged practice has led me into the areas of film, sculpture and context based work. Influences Contemporary; abstract colour; landscape; narrative; figurative; human behaviour and the environment. Career path Since graduating at Liverpool in 1985 I have worked, usually part-time, in different creative areas whilst continuing to develop my own professional practice as an artist. Since 1994 I have had my own studio. I have shown work in London as well as in various venues and sites in the South West. I am currently part-time visual arts co-ordinator for an arts centre, which gives me opportunities to programme and curate shows, work with other artists and develop projects. I also lecture on a Fine Art Degree course in professional practice. My other interests are in arts and disability (Cert Disability Studies) where I have participated in several national/international projects, education and film and video where I have recently been producer on a digital short film entitled 'Night/Day' with writer/director Deb Richardson. read full statement

Location Cullompton, South West