Oben is an emerging artist working in a range of media including installation and performance. She primarily focuses on the self as subject and the social implications of identity. Oben currently place her practice in conversation with French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and the identity politics of American theoretician Judith Butler. Butler informs her work from the point of view of the dynamic performivity of identity, that is, the idea that the way we are as individuals is not natural but learnt behaviour. While Deleuze's idea of the individual in a fluctuating state of becoming as opposed to trapped in a fixed state of being is demonstrated by her constantly changing of identity, age, gender, class, nationality, etc. Oben aims to unsettle, antagonise and challenge the viewer, forcing them into a position of self-consciousness so that they become aware of their own sense of self and their lapses into stereotyping when faced with others. Through her works she hope the viewer experiences moments of liminality in which the normative and everyday become alien and strange. Collaboration, both unknowing through audience participation and knowing with other artists, is central to her practice. Aside from works made as an individual and through temporary collaborations with other artists she is has also undertaken several long term, ongoing collaborative projects including the construction of site-specific, psycho-geographical installations with Helene Roberts and chav performances with Thomas Goddard. read full statement

Location Ferndale, Wales