Photo: Tiago Duarte in Manchester, North West

Tiago Duarte

Artist, Maker

My work is informed by the ethos of Process Art where the "creative sentiment is superseded by the process of the formation of art...moreover the initiation of actions and procedings" and revolves around irregular apropriation of technologies and it's effects on the formal qualities of contemporary image making. Constrained by the derivatives of process such as differentiation, repetition and variation the work bypasses the traditional reproductive conventions of printmaking to create one off pieces. By identifying recurrent patterns in the mechanics of production (even if these patterns manifest an inherent malfunction or misappropriation of the mediums and techniques used) I find the basis for the continuation of erratic exercises. A part of the problematic of my work consists in pushing the medium to the limits of its expressive capacity while using only the most essential resources, techniques and materials. The result is a body of work that is technically self-referential but pictorially expansive. Repetition and serial formats are a reference to industrial production and automated reflexive action, but the key concern is with exploring errors in production, the limitation of the medium and the expressive capacity of these. read full statement

Location Manchester, North West