Tete de Alencar

I am a multimedia artist working with, photography, sculpture, drawings and film. I am constantly creating new work but also developing existing works that I consider to be strong and challenging. I am working in four projects at the moment called, Cinderella Flash, Objectual Enigmatic, Secrets and an untitled series of drawings. My work maintains a consistence and caracterists in its quality and style. My ideas and inspirations come from a necessity to express my opinion about very contemporary issues and challenge the language used to create art. Since I started working as a professional artist, I have been learning a lot about my practise, my audience and the art world. I have climbed a lot of steps by still have a lot more to archive. I am in a constant battle with my position as an artist and about how to carry this title along the way. My main project is called Cinderella flash. I started the project five years ago and it consists in photographing myself in secret inside designs shops changing room. The project started after a bodyguard outside a shop in New Bond Street giving me a hard time to walk inside the shop. This project gained the attention of various groups, including the feminist party, after been exhibited at the Oriel Mostyn Gallery and reviewed by some journalists. A video and a booklet were published after the event. The Objetual Enigmatic junction of photography and sculpture. Using disposable cameras, I take secrets photos and after the camera I involved with velvet, (flocked). To see the photos the sculpture has to be broken and like that a dilemma is created. The Secrets has a similar characteristic. I transferred all my secrets to a glass sculpture and to read them the piece has to be broken. read full statement

Location London