Photo: Tal Regev in London

Tal Regev

Early career

It comes up at night, from my stomach up through the throat, into the mind and out of the body.
Then I fall, fading away.
The figures are fading out.
They are spilling and leaking. They can’t hold their own content.
I let them leak, I let them spill, I let them clean.

Tal Regev is an artist that works primarily with painting. She’s based between London and Berlin. Her practice is concerned with the embodied experience of trauma. Through the materiality of painting itself, she explores memory, loss, separation and the affect of pain.

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Location London
Tags painting, oil on canvas, ink, london, berlin

News & Events

  • TAG

    Tal Regev, Anne Bean and Gioia Meller Marcovicz, at DZIALDOV, Berlin

  • Boot

    03/05/2014 – 01/06/2034
    DZIALDOV Maybachufer 43 12047 Berlin

    a display of works by Keith Ashley Guillaume Cailleau Niclas Reed Middleton Tal Regev Jonathan Schmidt-Ott Ilja Stahl Camilla Steinum

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