Tabitha Kyoko Moses

Noticing the unnoticed is central to my work - revealing the beauty and meaning in overlooked objects, places and people. Flea markets and junk shops, overflowing with poetic associations and unknowable secrets, are rich sources of materials. I am addicted to the thrill of finding treasure among the detritus and moved to respond to the poignant or disquieting details of marginal histories, oral archives and personal narratives. I make potent objects - tokens of remembrance, souvenirs and relics - from materials which bear the weight of memory and the marks of time. Quiet and non-monumental, my works are seductive in their exquisite craftsmanship yet, on closer inspection, may repel the viewer with their stains, bones and human hair. My interest lies in this point at which beauty and horror meet. My works take many forms including intervention, installation and live art. I am interested in engaging a mixed (art and non-art) audience and have shown work in museums, country houses and gardens as well as conventional gallery spaces. read full statement

Location Liverpool, North West
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Community arts