Suzanne Smith

Suzanne Smith

Artist, Arts development worker, Gallery educator, Community worker

Suzanne Smith is an interdisciplinary fine artist based in Manchester, UK.

Smith is fascinated with the politics of the everyday; her practice reflects the negotiation of an environment saturated with social norms and conventions.  In her eyes, everything is odd and everything is interesting. Smith is intrigued by the point midway between appalling and delightful. It is the tension in the mundanity - the something in the nothing - that really gets her going.

Smith often works with text, found objects, photography, film and found image.  A seam of appropriation, collage and humour runs throughout, as she feels for the edges of conventions where negotiation and collusion take place.  Smith accumulates, plays and controls - imposing a preferred order on her subject and pinning it down in its new position it long enough to take a better look.  Occasionally drilling little holes to let some air in.

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Location Manchester, North West
Activities Workshops, Community arts, Private commissions, Gallery education, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Photography, Sculpture, Sound, Text
Tags manchester, conceptual, ideas, contemporary, collage, politics, interdisciplinary, play, bricolage

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