Photo: Suzanne Smith in Manchester, North West

Suzanne Smith

Artist, Teacher

Suzanne Smith is an interdisciplinary fine artist currently based in Manchester, UK. Watchful, insistent and awkwardly intimate, Smith gathers, prods and probes her way through a suspect world. Navigating a fog of social norms it's the junctures that appeal. The tessellation and the slippage. The tiny shifts in gesture, context, location, language, that tip one thing into another - appropriate to inappropriate, contrary to political, irritation to arousal. Taxonomy, typology, classification. Systems both appeal and grate; everything is better when it's sorted. Gathering becomes a recurrent theme, tracking the narrative journey of accumulation from whimsy, to evidence, to prostration. As gloomy as it is playful, Smith's bricolage teeters between mismanaged exorcisms and compulsive accumulations of proof.

Location Manchester, North West
Activities Secondary education, Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Workshops, Learning programmes, Participatory projects, Public art, Journalism, Critical writing, Creative writing, Curating, Gallery education, Film-making, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Intervention, Sound, Text, Unclassified