Photo: Suzan Inceer in Bournemouth, South West

Suzan Inceer

Artist, Maker, Arts development worker, Gallery educator, Community worker

To provoke curiosity I experiment with both media and imagery . I work in 2 D (paint, collage, textiles ,mixed media ) and 3D. Using junk and surplus materials (recycling) is a speciality. I just love to see how and if materials will work together.The work is stylised but recognisable and often there is a story. I draw a lot on humour and the absurd . Recurring themes include : exaggeration, the patterns found in written foreign script.. and peoples faces. I have travelled extensively, so I frequently dip into those memories and influences .The direction of my work is enriched by work as an artist in education. Other influences : food and cooking, the architecture and hubbub in cities, particularly Istanbul, London... Cycling from A to B , sea swimming . I have been a visual artist for 25 years : from fine art to textile design to illustration and back again ( if you like categories) and for the past 15 years I've also worked very enjoyably in education and other sectors of the community, with all ages and abilities. I work in schools, galleries, museums, care homes, etc. Sessions are as diverse as: inspiring 40 NHS executives to let their imaginations literally hang out (using junk as the medium), to embossing on to clay plates with patients in a hospice and experimenting with fabric and print, with clients who have Alzheimers. The bulk of my work in education is in Primary Schools, but I also often work with pre-school age children and or their families. Residences range from two weeks to six months. I have trained other artists and also take staff training and development sessions ( with youth workers and pre school staff and primary school teachers). I regularly work with people who have special needs including people with mental health and drug / alcohol dependency issues. I have illustrated for newspapers (a regular series of recipe illustrations for The Weekend Guardian) and magazines including: The Big Issue, The Illustrated London News, Hair & Black Beauty, International Textile magazine ,Computer Shopper, G .P Magazine, TNT, SuperMarketing ,SkyLife , Homes & Gardens,T.V. Week, Good Food Magazine , Hairdressers Journal Int.; Ariel (The BBC),Portland Publishing , UniFree magazine, Istanbul. Contact Illustrators '93 (p180) .Other clients include : Polydor Records,The British Council ,Fans Clothing, London,The Fridge, Brixton,The Hearing Dogs for the Deaf Society,H. Baur Publications,TrailFinders. I have sold my design ideas for fashion fabrics in New York and Los Angeles. I have pieces in private and some public collections.

Location Bournemouth, South West
Activities Early years education, Primary education, Secondary education, Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Special needs education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Learning programmes, Arts in health, Community arts, Public art, Private commissions, Gallery education, Photographic documentation, Collecting
Artforms / type of project Education project, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Tags Recycle, Fun, Humour, Experimental, Junk, Surprise, Food, Educational, Unsusual, Travel