Photo: Susie Hamilton in London

Susie Hamilton


My work focuses on figures in a wilderness which may be literal (polar ice) or metaphorical (superstores). I often paint in thin veils of acrylic or watercolour which burst boundaries and destroy contours to show figures as stretched, unstable and vulnerable to change. And such mutation is not just change within the human but beyond it, with figures turned into humanoid, hybrid things or into blots, silhouettes and abstract shapes. The representational image being overtaken by abstraction is important to me, partly because it feels like a way of challenging the figure's secure identity but also because it is a way of showing the familiar tipping over into the unfamiliar, of reaching a point where the recognisable gives way to something unnamed. Before finding out what an object is, I like the sensation of an obscure presence that reminds me of something as yet unlabelled. It dramatises and contrasts two ways of seeing: in terms of names or of nameless shapes. It is attempt to get behind the familiar to a sensation of mystery.

Location London
Activities Lecturing, Private commissions, Critical writing
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Tags Light, Figures, Dining Rooms, supermarkets, women, Deserts, Religion, Metamorphosis, animals, Consumption

News & Events

  • Drawing Room Biennale 2015

    05/03/2015 – 30/04/2015
    Drawing Room, 12 Rich Estate, Crimscott Street, London SE1

    Exhibition and auction of drawings by invited artists

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  • Material Tension

    05/03/2015 – 17/06/2015
    Collyer Bristow Gallery, London WC1

    Painting show curated by Day and Gluckman at law firm Collyer Bristow

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  • I shall be participating in Drawing Room Biennale 2015

    Exhibition and auction of drawings by invited artists

  • Guest blog for Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

    Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

    Guest blog describing new work inspired by Liverpool nightlife

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  • Guardian journalist Carole Jahme in conversation with Susie Hamilton

    29/05/2014 – 29/05/2015
    Carole Jahme's blog

    Studio interview/video to coincide with my show at Paul Stolper Gallery

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