Susan Preston


Concepts Recent works are mostly small scale, oil on board and explore contrasts in colour, marks and sections within the rectangle. Earlier work was the result of a residency at Rabley Drawing Centre where I made works on paper based on studies of redundant farm buidings and their surroundings, and further oils on canvas back in the studio. I'm interested in the shifting spaces between presence, absence, memory and the way that paintings can explore these ideas. Influences I've always found Morandi's depiction of mundane objects powerful and intense. Prunella Clough's work is similarly concerned with the ordinary which becomes transformed. Brice Marden's drawings and reworking of surfaces in his paintings and prints have influenced my approach. I make many drawings of my chosen subjects before they find their way into the paintings; they become transformed in the process. Career path I have a BA Hons in Fine Art; I teach occasional workshops at Rabley Drawing Centre and locally monthly life drawing class. My work has been exhibited widely and is in collections in Europe, the USA and Asia I can be contacted through my website at read full statement

Location Marlborough, South West