Susannah Gent

I am a multi-disciplinary artist working in video, installation and mixed media sculpture, including taxidermy. My fine art practise has developed out of 20 years experience as a film maker and several themes can be seen across a number of works, both filmic and current; an interest in the uncanny, the impact of the horror genre, the concept of abjection and a desire to explore the nature of internal mental images. As my work includes some taxidermy, I have developed an interest in the representation of animals and from this, a consideration of how we view ourselves as 'human animals'. A reflection upon anthropomorphism and sentimentality has lead me to investigate the Jungian statement; 'Sentimentality is a superstructure covering brutality'. Social secrets and taboos offer rich sources of questions about our world. The creative process of freely allowing disparate elements to come together to form new meanings and connotations, can be viewed as similar to the occurrence of the 'Kulshov Effect' - a description of montage from early Soviet cinema. Collage, like montage, is concerned with the creation of a third meaning. The 'incongruity theory of humour' suggests certain jokes may be considered amusing because of the fusion of unlikely or mismatched words, ideas or concepts. A third meaning may arise out of the simple juxtaposition of unlikely materials used in a sculpture. The concept of 'collage' in its loosest sense is perhaps what connects much of my work and goes some way to describing my key interest when engaging with the creative process. As with many artists, I am interested in looking at the questions around things society chooses not to speak of, or hasn't the words for. read full statement

Location Sheffield, Yorkshire