Susan Liggett

I am fascinated by painting and the endless possibilities it offers me working idiosyncratically and highly intuitively with its textures, transparency, opacity and surface. My early work is based on the experience of landscape but more recent work explores a more diverse range of themes relating to the concept of memory. I often make my own paint from raw pigments and is interested in traditional painting processes. My research interests stem from her PhD study (University of Wales 2008) into the creative processes of 5 contemporary painters. I became interested in the numerous sites involved in the production of painting and devised a conceptual framework for the creative process that locates the notion of 'psychological Resonance' in relation to artworks. This research led to a collaborative practice with the artist film maker Karen Heald. Together they are working on a research project with two consultant psychiatrists in Wales. The title of this project is In-between-ness: Using art to capture the changes to the self during antidepressant treatment. It involves artists working creatively with patients who use video to create artworks for exhibition. The project also provides data for analytical research into notions of self during the treatment of depression. read full statement

Location Chester, North West