Susan Kinley

I use photography to source images which may be fragmented, enlarged, re-assembled and applied to glass and textiles. I explore a particular time and place in each work, often looking at natural and man-made interventions in the landscape, using both overview and detail. In a recent glass installation work, 'Island Fields', imagery and materials are both solid and transient. A horizontal field of shaped and printed glass fragments link patterns of ancient field systems with images of shorelines and tidal changes. Aerial imagery taken over the Isles of Scilly refer back to a reinterpretation of map making and how a physical experience of a place becomes translated from a different perspective. I often repeat smaller elements and detail to build an overall shape. The identity of the work may then change when viewed from close up or at a distance, and be on the border between pattern and recognition. My practise includes large scale projects for public art commissions, smaller panels and site specific installations for exhibitions. The contrasting demands of changing scale and this portfolio way of working constantly refresh my ideas and approach, and allows me to engage with different audiences. I have always experimented with layering different materials and processes and in recent years have received research funding to explore digital processes such as laser cutting and digital print. Light, colour, transparency and illusion remain important concerns, together with the physical interaction of the onlooker. read full statement

Location Falmouth, South West