Susan Goldblatt

I am an artist and an architect, with strong experience of art commissions on a wide variety of projects. I have undertaken commissions for health authorities, local government, universities and architects and many private clients. The works range from intimate pieces to large-scale architectural installations. As an artist I was initially a painter, but now I design and make wall, floor and sculptural pieces. I originally developed my work as an artist in parallel with my professional practice in architecture. My background in architecture makes me feel able to work with many types of materials and at many scales. I enjoy developing all kinds of responses to design problems. My designs can have versatile application - by, for example, being photographically reproduced onto fabric or vinyl film to form banners, or transfers, or reproduced onto glass, metal sheet or ceramic tile. The bias of much of my work has been with panels and murals both painted and mosaic. Since my first large, mosaic commission in 1992, I have attempted to approach mosaic with the complex attitude and techniques of a painter, but using small, hand-cut mosaic fragments made from vitreous glass, ceramic tiles or marble. Much of my work has been inspired by natural elements such as water, land and sky in different weather conditions, aerial views, rock formations and the human body at electron micrograph scale. The works are full of movement and colour. A successful piece is a complex and concentrated work that reflects the complex relationships that exist between both objects and between people. I strive to create an artwork that is rich, beautiful and meaningful. read full statement

Location London