Photo: Susan Francis in Salisbury, South West

Susan Francis

Artist, Film-maker, Lecturer / academic, Teacher

My work is a constant enquiry, an incomplete sentence, a phrase articulated through materiality, object and space. It is quiet work, a vocabulary of cast offs, objects, liquids and processes, at times unstable, prone to decay, but familiar to us all. With influences ranging from Eva Hesse's organic minimalism to Watteauโ€™s scenes of frivolous beauty tinged with wistful sadness, my work is often unashamedly poetic. Peering into the unspoken corners of our condition, I traverse a landscape shifting beneath us as the domestic enclave is infiltrated by a digitally connected world, where the ambiguity and at times falsity of relationships, truth and love reveal a vulnerable and fragile context. At the core of my practice I suppose I wish to open a dialogue with myself, the space, the viewer โ€“ where others will take that conversation is for them to decide. read full statement

Location Salisbury, South West