Photo: Susan Francis in Salisbury, South West

Susan Francis

Artist, Film-maker, Lecturer / academic, Teacher

Statements are, by and large, off to a non starter. They attempt to harness an activity which exists to free itself from the demands of a textual language and invite you elsewhere. As an artist I guess I am interested in that which we choose to remain hidden, the cracks beneath the wall paper, the unspoken phrases, the unmentioned incidents that threaten to resurface. Mine is the position of the voyeur, the gaze of the outsider looking in. Installations are a fractured aftermath, objects and materials, sharing the stage in silent witness and at times, condemnation. In film, the camera exposes momentary narratives, uncomfortable histories, fragile exchanges in an off and online world. Humour, often present, shares a vacillating stage with ambiguity and pathos. We are flawed beings. That interests me greatly.

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Location Salisbury, South West