Susan Boafo

Concepts My art practice reflects a growing awareness of my connections to the natural world. I am drawn towards processes that lay beneath the surface. Especially where the organic meets the cultural. I have explored connections between botany and empire, genetics and language and genetic links across race and species. Recent projects examine links between photosynthesis and the evolution of simple and complex life forms. I have developed original methods through which microorganisms harness the Sun's energy to create artworks. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2009) and Organs of Extreme Perfection (2008-11) explore ideas around light, vision and evolution. Speaking with the Sun (2006-8) investigated the link between aquatic organisms and the Earth's ecology. Single-celled organisms created texts that 'spoke' within video installations to discuss their role in supplying oxygen to the planet. Early work included Hybrid (2001), which researched the 'exoticness' of Cornwall's plant life. It traced the arrival of these plants to reveal the hidden links between botany, colonialism and British identity. Further examination of interconnections lying beneath the surface, lead to the photo-sculptures and video installations that explored our common genetic identity in Double Helix (2002) and An Infinity of Things (2004). Influences Ecology, environment, nature, light, art and science, evolution, race, hybridity, identity, genetics, botany and identity, migration, Englishness, representation, self portraiture, mixed race identity, black photography/artists, classification, national identity, self and other. Career path Qualifications: 2011 Fellow Linnean Society of London 2006 Research Associate: Research into Art, Nature and Environment, University College Falmouth 2001 MA Fine Art, University of Plymouth 1998 PgDip, Fine Art, University of Plymouth Teaching experience Present post 2010- Award Leader BA (Hons) Marine and Natural History Photography, University College Falmouth. 1997 - 2010 Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Photography, University College Falmouth 2002-1997 Lecturer, Photography Department, Falmouth College of Arts 1991-97 Part-time Lecturer, Photography, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Ceramics and Illustration Departments, Falmouth College of Arts Areas of work Exhibiting Lecturing Practice-based research read full statement

Location Falmouth, South West