Susan Bleakley

Susan Bleakley

Artist, Maker, Lecturer / academic

The paintings refer to a kind of veil ,looking through like a structured net or web being able to see both ways from inside out, to outside in, not knowing what will show itself  in the front and what is behind, having to move forward as well as to draw further back to see the almost random patterning within the colour fields I feel it is these other pattenings reveal something that I cannot see or guess at whilst working on a canvas.

Other work in sculpture  installation and video is ongoing and some similiarty is there with  the painting

I work with 4th year medical students running an SSU (special study unit) on an artbased module


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Location Penzance, South West
Activities Further education, Residencies, Workshops, Public art, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Film & Video, Mixed Media, Painting, Public Art, Sculpture
Tags Installation drawing sculpture painting mixed media video photography lecturing workshops