Suki Chan

Artist, Curator

Suki Chan uses light, moving image and sound to explore our physical and psychological experience of space. She is drawn to light as a physical phenomenon, and the role it plays in our constantly shifting daily experience of our environment, be it urban or rural. Working with a spectrum of scale, Chan transports us from a macro view of space, a landscape or views of an urban environment, to micro, empirical views of a place, to individuals and their stories, imaginations and memories. Through collections of multiples of the same object, such as glasses or school tables, to finding patterns in a murmuration of starlings or the movement of crowds in a metropolis, Chan explores the relationship between an individual to the collective. Architecture, in particular a house or home, is a recurring motif and subject matter in the work. From the fortress like, round rammed-earth Hakka houses in China to wooden refuge huts offering temporary shelter from the rising tides off the Northumberland coast to old-Syrian homes in the Golan Heights, Chan questions the nature of our inhabitation of the world from multiple perspectives. read full statement

Location London
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Arts in health, Built environment, Community arts, Participatory projects, Public art, Private commissions, Creative writing, Curating, Gallery education, Film-making, Photographic documentation