Concepts The unifying force of my work, is form in colour, an explosion of life onto the canvas. I combine various materials to create a, multi-layered visual impact, textures, where the fluid paint seeks out its path across the uneven surface making its own journey of movement and harmony. I believe art can fill a void and enhance any space in with its energy, whether it is a painting or a statement of our times. and should be there to up lift or convey feelings, passions and beliefs for all to share. Influences Circumnavigating the world on a ship for a year gave me a unique opportunity to experience an abundance of colour in its natural form, gaining valuable information on the different uses and techniques, both in the floral and natural habitat of nature and in the dress, architecture and traditions of different countries. I admire Kandinsky's work and concept of trying to make colours sing on the canvas like a concerto. Career path Since gaining my BA Hons Arts degree in 2000 I have been involved in both solo and group exhibitions, and commissiions from both the corporate and private sector. Having been involved with the Freedom from Torture charity and several years volunteering overseas, I am now commited to selling my work and organising events to help raise money for charities, one of which is The Theadora Foundation, they train and sponsor clowns who go into hospitals and entertain sick children. read full statement

Location Kingston upon Thames, London