Sue Knight

Sue Knight



Walking in the British landscape begins a process of reflection which is then explored and transformed within the confines of the studio. There is a tension between the memory of the experience of landscape and the painting process itself and as this ebbs and flows it becomes the determinant of the work.


The chief influence on my work has been the British tradition
of landscape painting, particularly that of Turner, Constable and the St Ives School of Winifred and Ben Nicholson, Lanyon and Hilton. I have also been hugely influenced by the work of Sandra Blow, Ivon Hitchin, Patrick Heron and Howard Hodgkin.

Career path:

The completion of my MA in 2002 marked a significant development in my practice and I am still developing themes uncovered by it. My Professional Practice Doctorate, completed in 2008, is entitled 'Experiencing the land: transformation and revelation' and it allowed me to explore in depth the philosophical and theoretical content of my work. In particular Wittgenstein's concept of the 'unsayable' was a rich source of research. It allowed me to explore that part of our experience which language cannot name but which can, perhaps, be addressed in art. Some of the work from my Doctoral show is shown on my Artworks page.
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Location London
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting