Sue Freeborough


My work essentially refers to the body, whether directly or obliquely. It is through the body that I address human issues such as relationships, identity and personal values. My explorations on these themes have brought me to an analytical deconstruction of the body, presenting a depersonalised awareness of our outer limits, our bodily containment and the spaces we inhabit. Conversely other works investigate the self image, memory and pairings through the whole body. As a sculptor my work evolves as a construction, focusing on the task of transforming an idea into a sculptural form often from drawings or philosophical readings, and I choose a variety of materials, such as bronze, aluminium, glass or wax to reflect and enhance my ideas. My overall aims are to consider contemporary issues and attitudes in sculptural, philosophical and political terms, and to evoke through sculptures duality of form and meaning a rich and provocative mix. read full statement

Location Waterlooville, South East
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting, Sculpture