Photo: Stuart Robinson in Falmouth, South West

Stuart Robinson

Artist, Technician, Lecturer / academic

I am a mixed media sculptor/installation artist and also work with photography. I enjoy working site specifically and in the environment and photography helps me to do this while still presenting work in a gallery context - more recently this has become the main focus of my practice. My work focuses on the everyday and the mundane but put into situations or circumstances that are out of the ordinary. Humour can be read into some of my work, but this is not necesarily its main aim - I try to produce strange and intriguing situations often inspired by childhood experiences of model making and incorporating props and situations from cinema. I am intrigued by the tension objects or scenarios can have due to our associations with them and where these associations come from. Cable-cars as an example are, to many people including myself, only ever viewed through film, where often some kind of disaster or other fraught situation unfolds. Similiarily there are certain locations within cinema, such as an isolated filling station at night, where terror often unfolds.. I am interested in playing with these different elements to produce visually interesting and engaging work that is not always as it first seems.

Location Falmouth, South West
Activities Further education, Lecturing, Technical installation, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Photography, Woodwork

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  • Get it Here

    16/08/2014 – 06/09/2014
    The Fish Factory Arts Space, Falmouth wharves, Falmouth

    An exhibition of new sculptural works exploring signage, scale and memory.

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