Stewart Gough

Artist, Conservator, Project manager, Technician

Sculptures begin with the essential mechanics of material connection; fitting, fixing and assembling manufactured plastic objects and component systems as though building blocks from an infinite ready-made resource. Form, colour, physical presence and shifting scale, all combine within a playful, materially-merged-down sculptural space, steering a positively-ironic course through historic art, cultural reference and contemporary social comment. Recent works use sheet-vinyl-laminated surfaces to create forms within the established material protocol. Examining minimal sculpture's experiential end-game to historic Modernism, whilst considering the role of the plinth as presentation device - bracketing the sculptural object from the world. My approach to drawing has a sculptural sensibility, enabling a conceptual approach to process and framing devices. I'm interested by the state of flux when building a drawing and how the intangible may be rendered, free from the physical practicalities of the sculptural forms. My drawings allow the merging of separate elements, and slippage in meaning and value. (Jan, 2012.) read full statement

Location London
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Public art, Private commissions, Visual arts consultancy, Technical installation, Collecting