Photo: Steve Wright in Watford, East

Steve Wright


These paintings depict objects in the landscape with the sky behind them. They do not represent particular places but explore the relationships between contrasting man-made and natural forms, more as outdoor still-life paintings than conventional landscapes. The space surrounding these objects acts as a backdrop for what are effectively characters on a stage, locked in relationships that are often unlikely and incongruous. The final image is arrived at only after many changes have been made to the painting. Imagery is sourced from drawings, memories, observational studies and photographs. I combine and alter images as I work and have no interest in making direct copies of photographs because I want both a more direct and a more fully pictorial approach; that is, I am as much concerned with the relationships between colours, contours and tones as with the subject-matter. An important divergence from most abstract painting is that I intend the physical and psychological qualities of the image to strike the viewer before he or she considers the painting as an object in itself. The somewhat flattened and frieze-like appearance of these works recalls the frescoes of the Italian renaissance, especially given my use of the palm tree as a motif. However, they have been more closely informed by twentieth century painting, as the flat colour and explicit geometry of Truck and Tree make manifest. Contemporary representational painting that combines a powerful image with a rigorously formal approach has been a strong influence, notably the work of Leon Golub (USA) and British painter Michael Simpson. read full statement

Location Watford, East
Activities Adult education
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting

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