Photo: Steven Ingman in Nottingham, East Midlands

Steven Ingman

Artist, Technician

Through his work, Steven Ingman shows his ability to engage with his surroundings. His personal response to what he sees is influenced by his use of media. He employs a range of materials, colours, tones and textures to create his paintings. Born in a North Nottinghamshire village, Ingman has been strongly influenced by his childhood environment. He now offers a fresh approach to urban and rural landscape scenes, utilising a variety of locations, each with its own history. His emotional connection with his chosen setting emanates from his work and he uses notes, sketches and photographs to build up a port-folio, which he draws on to produce his creations. Ingman's style portrays these scenes in a realist, yet painterly fashion. He generates a unique interpretation of his environments through his ability to manipulate materials with his individual technique. With a strong interest in the relationship between photography and painting, he considers the confinements of the photograph, its rules and boundaries. This he attempts to discover, interpret, and then break down in the process of making a painting. It is through this imaginary versus realistic conflict that Ingman's paintings aspire towards a universal, yet personal power. Working with the notion of physical intimacy and a heightened response to an environment, Ingman aims to look beyond the motifs of reality, to find his affinities in the sensation of environments with the intention of unearthing the details that are missed in an initial visual engagement offering his personal “fresh eyed response”, bringing an ethereal, otherworldly ambiguity to the subject. read full statement

Location Nottingham, East Midlands
Activities Public art, Private commissions, Technical installation, Photographic documentation, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting, Printmaking