Stephen Stockbridge

Artist, Maker, Gallery educator

To start with, I am a sculptor. I define myself this way as I have strength and a passion for this discipline. I enjoy the manipulation of 'stuff' in space. I like to keep things simple, as things naturally get complicated. I have a strong belief in an instinctual approach to working, combined with reflection and a critical dialogue with both my peers and myself. I enjoy the challenging physical, intellectual and political implications of placing art in the public realm. My history is one of collaboration and of making things happen. I am driven to follow my visions and dreams, and to make them tangible. Common themes in my work deal with issues of change, potential, growth, optimism and a spiritual connection to the energy of the universe. My work is created in a variety of ways. Choosing the most appropriate process, material and approach is my strength. I define myself as a sculptor, I do this not to limit myself, but to acknowledge my strengths. My work can be permanent, temporary, an idea, a collaboration my decisions are fixed to the moment and the needs of the space and if this is all in place the work makes it-self. I have a mixed background starting in engineering then studying as a theatre designer, a spell in art direction and found my place as a sculptor, all of this history feeds my work. My work has revolved around site-specific public art; the work involves collaboration with the communities in which the work is to be placed, through engaging with the space. I use workshops, events, interventions, dialogue and energy to reveal things about the space and its inhabitants. I have a wide range of teaching experience, and have taught at all levels of the education system, as well as in many informal settings. Teaching through workshops is an integral part of my work. I explore new and old ideas, share my enthusiasm and passion for my subject, and I'm always rewarded with amazing levels of creativity and instinctive open responses. read full statement

Location London
Activities Early years education, Primary education, Secondary education, Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Special needs education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Arts in health, Built environment, Community arts, Participatory projects, Public art, Private commissions, Gallery education, Visual arts consultancy, Technical installation