Stephen Carley

Artist, Teacher

I'm an artist/ teacher. I work predominately with 'text as image'. My work is completely concerned with context, process and materials. I choose to use 'poor' materials - dust, cardboard, chalk on blackboards, lead, chocolate, ashes, water and other stuff. Materials that may have intrinsic values or meaning when used in specific contexts or in conjunction with each other. I like to give the viewer / audience / student, room to manoeuvre intellectually. I'm not interested in making work that has to fit on a mantle shelf, an office wall or a commercial white cube space, however, I am interested in engaging with ideas that subvert those contexts. My work is intentionally confrontational. Profanities, congested space, white noise, ugly / beautiful. I try to avoid associations with art HIStory. This is my 'punk rock'.

Location Sheffield, Yorkshire
Activities Secondary education, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Sound
Tags Construction. Deconstruction. Process. Materials. Drawing. Installation.

News & Events

  • Drawing

    Making marks on paper… That's what i'm doing now… Stripping my practise back to it's most direct and basic medium… #drawing - It's all about process, instinct, action, acute observation and memory


    clay and cardboard and flimsy wood structures and blackboards and chalk and bubble wrap and a newspaper and yellow / black warning tape and biro graffiti and the word 'etc' on canvas, etc


    13/12/2013 – 15/12/2013
    Ribcage studio. Gordon Works, 49 Valley Road, Meersbrook, Sheffield, S8 9FT.

    Fun and Games. 'I have a gun and a silver bullet'... 'This is a total nonsense of a game, it has no logic that the man in the street will understand'. Modern Gamers Magazine.

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