Stephen Carley

Stephen Carley

Artist, Teacher

I'm an artist/ teacher. My work is completely concerned with context, process and materials.

I often choose to use 'poor' materials - dust, cardboard, chalk on blackboards, lead, chocolate, ashes, water and other stuff. I use materials I can manipulate CONSTRUCT DE-CONSTRUCT RE-CONSTRUCT. Materials that may have intrinsic values or meaning when used in specific contexts or in conjunction with each other but sometimes materials that enable me to evoke a memory of a place, a time, a journey. I like to give the viewer / audience / student, room to manoeuvre intellectually. I'm not really interested in making work that has to fit on a mantle shelf, an office wall or a commercial white cube space, however, I am interested in engaging with ideas that possibly subvert or challenge those contexts. My work is often intentionally confrontational sometimes quietly beautiful. Profanities, congested space, white noise, ugly / beautiful, surface, line. I try to avoid associations with art HIStory.

Ultimately, this is my 'punk rock'.

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Location Sheffield, Yorkshire
Activities Secondary education, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Printmaking, Sculpture, Sound
Tags Construction. Deconstruction. Process. Materials. Drawing. Installation.

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