Stephanie O'Connor

Stephanie's practice is a hybrid of tactile material with aspects of navigation, surface and texture that are the acts of her picture making which support the experience; an increasing indirectness of voyeurism and the regard of encapsulating self for the other side of the lens, a surface and mailable material. The acts of assembling and disassembling as the end image resonates some form of subconscious wish of isolation and syncretism. Travelling in the mind while maintaining an outward poise and through books and other pictures. I do not work in the abstract. I find it impossibly removed from the ground and real rationalities that are moved in today's currents. The effects of polemicy and host crossover culture exist in my creations which do not lend themselves to Greek notions of order. I am instead inspired and encouraged by the communication of color, lack thereof and density of pattern. Rhythms that I feel and which have very significant and must not be forgotten indigenous qualities. I also find the translation between communication a meaningful way to comprehend filtered messages from the heart, some echo of a notation and script. As I know these communicative arts cannot be created without knowing severities of emotion, bred under the likelihood of oppression yet wonder. read full statement

Location London