Photo: Stella Tripp in Exeter, South West

Stella Tripp


I love paint in all its forms. The physical sensuality of it. The truth and the lies. Object and illusion. Window on the world. Window on the soul. Layers of factory-produced, chemically calculated magic. Years ago, in America, I stopped using rectangular stretched canvas. I started building makeshift constructions to paint on, that better reflected my situation and my state of mind. I wrote a thesis comparing art from different cultures, and was excited (still am) by possibilities that surface when exploring the nature of art in the light of cultural and societal conditioning: things don't have to be as they are; anything goes; anything is possible. Yet, out of all the myriad of equally valid alternatives, choices still have to be made. In 2000 I had the opportunity to create a very large installation. I made objects (including a structure built from early painted canvases) but also worked directly on the walls, drawing and painting. This then led me back to using rectangular stretched canvases: portable walls to work on. To produce complex surfaces made from layers of interacting textures and colours. Self-contained, but maybe fragments of something else. Like all my work, the new paintings are about the fragility of the world. Relationships, rhythms and the juxtaposition of opposites: they refer to whats going on off-stage things I feel, touch, hear, remember as well as what I see. They are to do with questioning everything; and making connections. And they revel in the language of paint. read full statement

Location Exeter, South West
Activities Private commissions, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Ceramics, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags mixed media, fragility, absurdity, sculpture, colourful, abstract, intricate, memory, imagination, environment

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