Photo: Steffan Jones-Hughes in Corwen, Wales

Steffan Jones-Hughes

Artist, Curator, Arts administrator, Project manager, Writer

The story within my drawing is not pre-planned; it emerges from and with the work of the hand as it develops, the eye and the mind following in that order. At first glance, the drawings appear to be attractive illustrations to some fable or another, but closer examination shows they are not. In a very real way, they are the fables, and like Grimms tales, can have a dark side. I hope to create work that has an edginess, I was delighted when someone told me they found my work disturbing, because although it isn't always conceived in that way, I do hope to elicit a response. It's about how we react to change, the uncertainty of things, never really knowing what will come next. I'm also interested in how we got to where we are, does where were from make us who we are? Are we the sum of our experiences and our past and our heritage? I am constantly trying to discover who I am through my work, trying to find out where I belong. It is of course tilting at windmills because just by simply asking myself where do I belong, I know that I will never find the answer because the truth is we belong anywhere and everywhere. A sense of place and of belonging, making links to events and stories, places from the memory, all rekindled. read full statement

Location Corwen, Wales
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Participatory projects, Critical writing, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Project, Drawing, Illustration, Printmaking
Tags Wales, welsh, drawing, print, people, narrative, Stefan, Folk

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