Stefanos Pavlakis

Artist, Film-maker, Writer, Lecturer / academic

My work is engaging with notions of travel and/or displacement. I am working with diegetic approaches to image, performance, text and sound. Central to my practice is the desire to 'dig-up' information, re-contextualise it and present it in engaging ways. The focus here is on the complex relations between mobility and identity formation, between 'History' and the biographies and stories remembered by individuals that were agents in a particular historical event. My work takes the form of films and videos, of sound works, performance installations and audio-walks. It develops out of periods of extensive research conducted with groups of 'agents' in such ways that an aesthetics of relation is produced in-and-through the resulting work. I am fascinated by processes of examination through a re-imagining, re-narrating and re-enacting specific texts or events. read full statement

Location Berlin
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Public art, Critical writing, Film-making
Tags critical filmmaking, director, video editor, practice led research, personal political filmmaking, audio installation, audio walk