Staphan Sarkissian

I am fascinated by how the real and abstract interact, for instance the way in which something familiar and tangible can be affected by the subliminal or unknown. This reflects my belief that there is a fictional, narrative like current, that runs parallel to our everyday lives that influences our experience of the world but remain essentially invisible and unknown to those around us. My work is an attempt to expose this dynamic interplay that shapes our experience of the world. I am a very physical painter. I love acrylic paint and not only because it's cheap and dries quickly. There is something about the plasticity that suits my work well. I use squeegees, boards, my hands and whatever is nearby. For me, painting is essentially something that is constructive, like creating a sculpture or a building. The success lies in the right degree of tension between the real, painted in a controlled and somewhat mannered way, and the abstract, which is a great deal more physical. When I strike the right balance the real makes the paintings accessible and engaging for the viewer, while the abstract challenges them, providing the drama and interest. read full statement

Location London