Spike Dennis

Spike Dennis

Artist, Maker, Curator, Arts administrator, Event organiser

I find inspiration in stories, folk tales, mythology and contemporary popular culture. My current area of research has been centred upon the history and symbolism of the Unicorn. The changing status of the unicorn throughout the ages can tell us a lot about ourselves. My recent work has sought to rescue this magnificent imaginary beast from the soft-focus, airbrushed new age mystical image with which it seems to have increasingly become associated.

As a symbol of innocence, rebirth and fecundity I strive to explore contemporary society through the unicorn bringing to light issues of gender, sexuality and rites of passage revealing both the beauty and the horror of dreams, myths and fairy tales, the futility of being and the crumbling of innocence. I seek to break down the boundaries between reality and imagination.

My practice primarily revolves around process based practices such as drawing and stitch but has recently strayed into the realms of time-based media including performances and video work. Repetitive actions enable me to focus my mind upon those themes and ideas which inform my work as well as contemplating my own self in relation to this world and my work.
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Location Cardiff, Wales
Activities Higher education, Workshops, Curating, Events management
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Drawing, Film & Video, Installation, Textiles
Tags Embroidery, Stitch, Subversive, Hair, Thread, Unicorn, Folk, Cross-Stitch, Mythology, Sex
Website http://www.spikedennis.com