Photo: Sophie Bullock in Birmingham, West Midlands

Sophie Bullock

Artist, Gallerist, Project manager, Event organiser
Early career

Fine Artist working in Birmingham. I am also co-founder and director of artist-run project space, Stryx, founded in October 2012. The cinematic experience has an enduring and affecting nature, which remains with us long before, during and after the duration of a film. I make large-scale video installations that exploit cinemas’ capacity to transport the viewer to other levels of consciousness, and to heighten tensions and anxieties that arise from both real and imagined spaces. I’m particularly interested in how what we see on the screen is perceived as real experience for the viewer. Inversely, how our contact and moments with films can affect one’s experience in a physical space outside the cinema, confusing memories with reality. For me, cinema is a way of bridging the gap between being simultaneously in reality and dream, both conscious and unconscious, and both inside and outside oneself. read full statement

Location Birmingham, West Midlands
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Curating, Project management, Film-making
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Sound

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