Sophie Bower

Sophie Bower

Artist, Writer, Graphic designer, Teacher, Community worker

As an artist educator I'm interested in creating opportunities or processes that are slowed down long enough for participants to notice thoughts or memories that might otherwise go unnoticed or become edited out.

For me, it's the process of each investigation that becomes the work... an engagement, a tour, a collaborative writing project. Any outcome in a gallery space is something that complements the original work, an independently created form of documentation maybe. An exchange at a car boot sale is represented as a portable museum; a mediated tour round an art space is shown after the fact, as an annotated floor plan.

I am not driven towards focusing on one individual narrative - more the power of a collection of contributions.

I have been a qualified teacher since 1989 and teach part time within special education.

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Location Liverpool, North West
Activities Primary education, Secondary education, Practice-based research, Workshops, Learning programmes, Community arts, Community consultation, Participatory projects, Curating, Evaluation, Collecting
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Project, Book Works, Installation, Intervention, Participatory, Printmaking, Sound, Text, Unclassified
Tags Memory, Stories, Engagement, Participation, Narrative, Liverpool, Personal

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