Sophia Dawson

Process is central to my work and intimately linked with my activity as a gardener (I have been running my own plant-specialist garden maintenance company since 2004). My ideas are usually generated by my immediate environment. I may use a prosaic object, an activity or an unusual event as a starting point. I sometimes use live plant material in my work, but it may also be preserved or altered in some way. Investigative writing is fundamental to my work. It is a way of searching to reveal essential, hidden connections which open up through a highly subjective process. Sound too is an important component, and I use listening as a way of orientating myself within a space. Sometimes I record the sounds I hear - in descriptive writing, or as digital audio files. Sometimes I make objects which invite us to consider identifiable sounds from a different perspective. Sometimes I use sound walks as a way to celebrate the practice of listening as it relates to the world around us. Projects unfold through a detailed, and sometimes oblique, process of research, investigation and experiment. Collected findings are then reconfigured, or words repositioned, to form new perspectives. I like to present my work in ways which are open to interpretation, and which invite the viewer to participate in the creation of meaning. read full statement

Location Norfolk, East