Photo: Sonya Walters in St Ives, South West

Sonya Walters


After graduating in painting at Chelsea College of Art and Design I continued to paint full-time for some years exhibiting in group and solo shows in and around London. I later combined this with the teaching of art and running a banner making studio before moving to Cornwall in 1989. Travel fuels my interest in the history and identity of different cultures. I carry a notebook and camera to record the social interaction at play and the feelings involved. Back in my studio these significant memories, whether inspired by times away or rooted at home in Cornwall with its special sense of place and light, become central. Participating in an international Residency in Southern Spain was a high point inspiring work which continues today. The scarred golden surface of an ancient wall stained with layerings of paint and fading graffiti, distinctive marks that people leave and echoes of the things that they do, are and believe in, are aspects which directly influence my work and ideas. I work full-time as a painter and printmaker from my studio in St Ives, and am an active member of Porthmeor Printmakers group who manage the community based Print Workshop in St Ives. read full statement

Location St Ives, South West
Artforms / type of project Painting, Printmaking
Tags St Ives