Sonke Faltien

With my art practice I respond to the political and sociological developments around me. At times I use myself as an initial benchmark to attempt to comprehend these developments, at others I find myself overwhelmed and all I can do is pose an open question trying to rephrase the situation and present it in a different context. In this sense my work is about disturbing, not about forming a consensus with the viewer or coming to terms with a presumed or accepted state. Disturbance also in the sense of dislocation, displacement and instability. An instability of logic as well as of construction. The resulting work is not intended to perform as a marker taking a position in an argument but offering an outside perspective, not to bring the parties together but to question the argument itself. My practice thrives on making and experimentation in the studio; it is this studio based research that pushes ideas along and gives form to responses to the above mentioned conundrums. read full statement

Location London