Sofie Grevelius


Sofie Grevelius' work exists as pit stops in a continuous process of interpretations of the world around her. The works are quite simply still lives, snap shots from the window of a city bus, composed through continuous translations from paper to metal, from two- to three-dimensions, from exterior to interior, from everyday life to imaginary landscapes. Grevelius is interested in public space, and the collective movement that is created through road markings and signs. She uses the architecture of the everyday - ever present but rarely noticed, as a starting point. The placement and conversation between pieces is thoroughly considered. This is an important part of the creative process, where balance is sought to create a whole, rather than a series of individual pieces. Sofie Grevelius' work are like props in this imaginary landscape that borders on real life, strikingly familiar and yet in constant transformation. At the very core of it, Grevelius' art enables another way of seeing. The inherited meaning in the symbols, colours and shapes all around us are suddenly up for grabs. Sofie Grevelius graduated from MA Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in 2012. read full statement

Location London
Activities Lecturing, Residencies, Public art, Creative writing, Visual arts consultancy