Sneh Mehta


Morphosis Paintings The 'Chiasmic' intertwining and reciprocity between the 'Flesh'of the body and the 'Flesh'of the world, a theory of intersubjectivity as argued by Merleau-Ponty, finds resonance within my artistic practice My work explores similarities, shared patterns and connections found between the molecular structures within our bodies, and with the organic and inorganic forms that exist within the universe. The structure of the human growth hormone, somatotropin evokes the pattern of beaded embroidery in my mind. Similarly a photograph of the human egg cell resembles the image of a planet in our galaxy and its structure to the skeletal form of a football. The double helix of DNA, and its genetic code represented by the four letters: GATC, have become the semiotics of life forms. Quantum and Relativity theories have shown, the universe and all within it are a dynamic inseparable whole. I consider my works to be metaphorical statements that unfold and reveal a way of perceiving ourselves as a part of this dynamic whole.

Location London
Activities Primary education, Secondary education, Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Learning programmes, Art therapy, Arts in health, Disability arts
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography