Sin Mui Chong-Martin

Sin Mui Chong-Martin


Capturing the moments, I borrow from nature.  I have been making work that relates to the natural world which has provided me with an abundance of lifeforms and essence to sustain my practice.  I am deeply drawn to the transience and impermanence, regeneration and degeneration.  Within these concerns, my practice is rooted in my experience through memory, identity and migration. 

Having experimented with various mediums and materials, colour pencils have been the medium of choice for the past several years.  I have made intricate drawings achieved through many layers of colouring.  Some of them are hand cut-outs and presented in boxed frames or adapted for installation.  Through drawing and printmaking, I have been pulled towards colours, forms and patterns, and recently to more solid use of graphite and colour pigments.

I came from the Far East.  My memory of the density and multiples of the rainforest and plants stimulates and inspires my creative practice.

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Location Worthing, South East
Activities Studio practice, Collecting
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Tags drawing, printmaking, nature, organic, forms, colour pencils, graphite, pigment, painting