Sin Mui Chong-Martin

My association with plant culture holds a notion of enquiry into plant and human culture. I adopt an element of role play from an anthropological approach to that of botanical reference. This exercise engages me with the process of looking, selecting, collecting and recording. My practice is informed by the abundance of diversed plantforms in our environment. The attempt to interpret and illuminate life usually means trying to keep in time with growth and decomposition. Whilst working with plants I am very aware of my connection with them as living systems renewing and recycling, perpetually changing - a process which is implicit in the reality and the beauty of their structure and pattern. My drawings are achieved through many layers of colouring on paper with colour pencils. Some of them are hand cut and presented as 'specimens' in boxed frames, or adapted for installation. My work endeavours to be an inquiry into nature and its creativity, intending to trace the transitional stage and functions to record these junctures. They also aim to reflect aspects of the human practice and desires using plants as multi-dimensional representations. The reference point for my practice is a construct of nature-society relationship where I exploit plants as cultural symbols. read full statement

Location Worthing, South East