Simon Hitchens


Concepts I make sculptures for sale through private galleries as well as corporate and public commissions. When working in the urban environmanet I work alongside architects, planners, engineers, surveyors and builders etc. My work is consistent in concept whether it be a multi tonned site specific work, located in the public realm, or the latest innovative piece I'm working on in my studio. Stone is the material backbone to my creative explorations and the conceptual focus of my sculptures, however, I frequently use other, often innovative materials, such as clear cast resin, metal mirrors and photographs etc. materials which are both ancient and modern. The sculptures often look autonomous, belying the high degree of craft and technique that formed them. Over the years my physical involvement with stone has become increasingly minimal, losing much of the man-made look and taking on a serene elemental presence. I aim to make work that operates on the edge of perception, somewhere between the physical and the metaphysical, a kind of exploration of the peripheral. These sculptures reflect the world around us, acknowledging beauty, the natural world and our position within it. The work is about both presence and absence. It questions the relationship between elemental opposites such as body and soul, male and female. It is not about beginning or ending, irony or quotation, and sits, I hope, in contemplative silence. read full statement

Location Taunton, South West