Photo: Simon Fell in London & Brighton, South East

Simon Fell

Artist, Maker, Writer, Graphic designer, Digital designer

Simon Fell makes ceramics & draws, creating scenes, figures and structures that reflect on being male and evoke personal and shared contemporary paradoxes. His work looks at what it means to be a man in a diverse and fast evolving culture where masculine roles have changed much faster than the scripts that used to support them. His work is mainly figurative with the possible exception of some of his installations. Ceramic works occupy an interesting and ambiguous place between art, craft and design, taking on different guises depending on how the work is conceived and how it is shown. This mobility makes the medium even more flexible than the raw material and more open to manipulation and conveying meaning. The improvised approach Fell takes to drawing, he sees as a way of accessing hidden and masked aspects of his consciousness and our shared 'collective mind'. The work uses patterns, rhythms and simple shapes and would be abstract were it not for the frequent appearance of shadow, modelling and depth cues.

Location London & Brighton, South East
Activities Lecturing, Workshops, Participatory projects, Critical writing, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Ceramics, Drawing, Installation, Participatory, Sculpture
Tags clay, glaze, terra-cotta, charcoal, pattern, male, draw, collaboration, gender

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