Simon Fell

Simon Fell

Artist, Maker, Writer, Graphic designer, Digital designer

My ceramic work looks at what it means to be a male in a diverse and fast evolving culture where masculine roles have changed much faster than the recurrent scripts that support them. This is my intention but I do not tackle gender politics head on, rather it forms the backdrop to the way I make things. At the present almost all my work is of (male) figures, this is a relatively new strand in my output. I want to use my sculpture and drawing artworks to explore the rich complexity of being a man in a post feminist age.

I took up drawing again a few years ago and work with charcoal and related materials. Drawing is so closely allied to creative thinking in so many processes and I naturally do it all the time without necessarily making anything of it (it's a means to an end usually). Then sometimes I just do it for itself which is more problematic (What's it for? What does it mean? Why am i doing this?) but then all forms of creativity set up dilemmas and problems that demand solutions.

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Location London & Brighton, South East
Activities Workshops, Training delivery, Participatory projects, Critical writing, Digital Design
Artforms / type of project Ceramics, Digital, Drawing, Installation, Sculpture
Tags clay, glaze, terra-cotta, charcoal, pattern, male, draw, collaboration, gender, workshops