Sharon Baker

Artist, Project manager, Community worker

I am a printmaker using a variety of media to explore qualities of composition, mark making, texture and colour in my work. Inspiration comes from found images collected from advertising, cinema, art, TV and photography used to create new visual compositions combining photographic material with drawings and/or accidental marks. I also create picture assemblages & collages. In my visual explorations I order and sort shapes, gestures and colours. In some pieces I aim to create balance, rhythm and harmony, in others I subvert elements to create jarring and discord. I use tessellations or grid arrangements and enjoy the exploration dualities: the positive and negative and reversed images, revealing my fascination with printmaking processes. Some of the prints I make are one of a kind while others are printed as a numbered edition. Some works incorporate different materials. I enjoy the collisions created when incorporating textures and decoration within imagery, blurring the boundaries between printmaking and textile techniques and prompting different cultural responses to their inclusion. read full statement

Location Birmingham, West Midlands
Activities Adult education, Special needs education, Workshops, Arts in health, Community arts, Participatory projects, Project management, Evaluation
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking

News & Events

  • Birmingham Today Competition

    06/02/2014 – 01/03/2014
    RBSA Gallery, 4 Brook St, Birmingham, B3 1SA

    A selected exhibition celebrating the city of Birmingham in all its aspects: topographical, cultural, political & social, raising the profile of contemporary Birmingham & its artisitc talent.

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