Sharon Baker

Sharon Baker

Artist, Maker, Arts administrator, Project manager, Community worker

My recent work is a series of prints exploring the drain covers, hydrants and boundary boxes we pass by every day. I am intrigued by their geometric designs, their presence as historical markers of urbanisation and as access points to the networks and infrastructure that underpin our lives.

My current art practice engages with printmaking processes though I have worked across a range of visual media including painting, drawing, collage, photography, assemblages and installations. I create prints using photographs, drawings and accidental marks and  explore imagery found in popular culture and the urban environment that has a personal meaning or fascination. My images evolve over time into motifs and abstractions of the originals. I enjoy working with and pushing the boundaries of my selected process, currently photo-etching, to realise my ideas. 

My personal creative practice informs other areas of my working life. I am a respected arts practitioner empowering others to engage creatively using a variety of visual arts media. I have a long career as a facilitator through teaching, residencies, commissions, curating exhibitions and events delivering creative projects in the West Midlands. I currently manage a charity working in the area of Arts and Health providing access and participation in the arts for people to improve health, well-being and quality of life.


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Location Birmingham, West Midlands
Activities Adult education, Workshops, Arts in health, Community arts, Participatory projects, Exhibitions programme, Project management
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
Tags printmaking, photo etching, exhibiting, drawing, mixed media, collage, painting, installations