Sean Maltby

I am a multi-discipline artist working through various media including video, installation & drawing. The materials I have used to date include wooden blocks light and molasses, as well as more traditional materials such as pencil and paper. Using these materials my practice has made various approaches to the idea of drawing. As a consequence the resulting works often span traditional boundaries within art. Examples are video as drawing, or installation as drawing. Recurring concerns include the interaction of light with materials and processes, and the role of time in drawing. My work has developed to include three types of time that are experienced very differently by the viewer. The conventional drawings embody a condensed time where the making of the drawing is compacted into a still image. The video works offer repeatable passages of time, that unpack the condensed time within the conventional drawings. The kinetic installation work allows the viewer to experience the unrepeatable flow of live time. Whatever form the work takes it always embodies ideas of the rhythmic and the arrhythmic, both spatially and temporally. read full statement

Location Newcastle upon Tyne, North East