Scott McCracken

Scott McCracken's work is concerned with the act of painting, in the dichotomy between the figurative and the abstract. His paintings create spaces, not lived but virtual ones; a space that may exist somewhere sometime. It is the relationships within the picture plane that are of significance to McCracken, creating tensions between colour, surface, and space he makes images that are both flat and illusionistic. While the paintings can be seen as abstractions they suggest constructed realities and virtual worlds. These digital landscapes not only comment on technological advances but also address issues related to contemporary painting. Differences between the handmade and the digital image are central to his practice and in examining the connections between painting and other media such as photography, film and the digital image McCracken's paintings present the viewer with a continually shifting pictorial language. He sometimes uses appropriation as a way of placing his work within he wider canon of painting, referencing the histories of the medium. Paintings are often worked over again and again until the image slowly emerges from the medium. McCracken believes the 'slowness' of painting is an effective remedy to the immediacy with which images are produced and engaged with by contemporary society. Scott McCracken is a painter who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. He graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009 with a First Class BA Honours in Painting and in 2011 with a Masters of Fine Art in Painting with Distinction. In 2009 he was awarded George Jackson Hutchison Memorial Prize for outstanding painting. His recent exhibitions include: VortexWall at Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh; Beyond the Frame at The Park Gallery, Falkirk; No. 1:Paint at Blankspace, Manchester, Candid Berlin at the Universitat der Kunste Berlin in Berlin and The Making of It at The Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh as part of the Embassy's Gallery Annuale art festival. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland