Early career

My work is interdisciplinary in nature; over the years I have utilised a range of media including performance, video, photography, text and predominantly, installation; both for conventional gallery spaces and in specific and diverse sites, from a bucolic woodland glade to a derelict ex-Soviet power station. In my installations I use existing objects and materials, both natural and synthetic or mass-produced. The familiar is made strange by unexpected juxtapositions between objects and their placement, reconfigured to create new associations. Some works operate as a kind of 3D trompe l'oeil, creating a dream-like, surreal or uncanny effect, as the initial illusion becomes apparent. The work, with its dark humour, at once playful and ominous, invites the viewer to question their perceptions of reality, and by extension its very nature. I approach my work as a conversation between art and other fields of enquiry such as ecology, psychology, science, politics and philosophy. My on-going themes, which I see as inextricably linked are late-capitalism, the construction of subjectivity, and the environment. This sustained exploration of the relationship between nature and civilisation becomes increasingly political and pressing in the light of the environmental impact of a globalised market economy. However, these themes are not made explicit to the viewer. Instead the work operates in a field of ambiguity and uncertainty. It is this contemplative space beyond the boundaries of the known that I invite the viewer to explore, for it is here in the space of 'not knowing' that we can have a direct encounter with the world. read full statement

Location Cardiff, Wales