Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans

Drawing is the connecting point between my work in all media, which comprises installation, drawing and animation. Core concerns of light, space, movement, and time are each extended through the different properties that these media bring.

Drawings allow impossible spaces to grow, with colliding abstract and representational elements that combine to create new and imaginary environments.

are conceived as drawings. At these times the lines and forms move through three-dimensional space to transform the gallery into fragile environments into which the audience can enter.

Within animations the drawings move and transform. Implied movement and physical movement are juxtaposed through the different media.

Throughout there is an interest in process with the repetition of a line, mark, or cut creating a flow in the work by which it gradually changes from one form to another with the feeling that this flux creates endless possibilities of reinvention.

All media retain strong handmade and gestural elements with a low-tech aesthetic. The work’s flaws and imperfections point to the labour and the precariousness of the structures reflect their vulnerability.

I am currently based in Cambridgeshire working from a studio at Wysing Arts Centre.
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Location Cambridge, East